of students at P.S. 188 are Homeless


LES youth are raised in single parent homes


of Public School Students in the Lower East Side of Manhattan live in poverty


of NYC’s homeless students come from the Lower East Side


of students perform at grade level in math & 13% perform at grade level in English (grades 3-8)


Late one night when Matt was leaving his favorite Lower East Side eatery, he encountered a group of young kid’s clustered on the corner of 6th Street and Avenue C. After being teased in passing about how ashy his ankles were, he paused and engaged the party. He learned that they attended a local elementary school and lived in the neighborhood. After sharing a few more laughs, Matt parted ways with the young boys with an idea. In reaching out to their elementary school, a meeting was set with the Principal of P.S. 188 – Mrs. Ramos. Mrs. Ramos explained to him that over 50% of the students at her school were homeless. That along with numerous other hardships gave Matt an idea, ABC Food Tours.


The initial goal was to find a creative way to engage kids in underserved communities. We started out taking groups of students to our favorite restaurants in lower Manhattan. As former athletes, we saw the importance of introducing not only physical but mental wellness components into our tours. One year later; we now service all of District 1, include a fitness component in every tour, and have plans of expanding into Brooklyn, surrounding neighborhoods in Manhattan and select cities across the country.


Why We Do It?

Our goal is to implement an experiential learning platform for students in NYC living in underserved communities that will educate, motivate, and inspire them to overcome life’s obstacles. We believe that by surrounding students with restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, & immigrant business owners who have all overcome similar hardships they can begin to envision these realities for themselves.